The Atonement Part 60--Moot Court (g)

This session of the moot court summarizes the arguments marshalled in previous episodes against claims #5 and 6 of the composite model of penal-substitutionary atonement (PSA). 

Claim #5 states: “All sin is to be understood as a debt that we owe God for the crime of having robbed him of honor.  And because we have robbed an infinite being, we owe him an infinite debt.” 

Claim #6 states: “Because the sins of the fathers pass on to their children, no baby is innocent.  Rather, all babies are born with a sin nature and are therefore criminals owing God the same infinite debt that their parents owe.”

This lecture distills three previous lectures (episodes 17-19) down to their irreducible minimum.  You will learn how claim #5 drags the God of the Bible down to the level of the Olympian gods of the heathen Greeks.  You will also discover how maintaining systematic consistency with claim #6 would force such Atonement School exponents as R.C. Sproul and D. James Kennedy to endorse abortion.

Run time: 21:00; Posted: 1/24/15