The Atonement Part 53--Atonement School Tactics (c)

In lecture 52, we explored the first step in our strategy of systematic doubt--exposing the Atonement School’s bad scholarship by questioning its English usage. 

In this lecture, we take the second step in our process--exposing the Atonement School’s dishonesty by questioning its Greek usage.  It is TOR’s position that most advocates of penal-substitutionary atonement (PSA) are good men who are simply teaching what they themselves have been taught.  Sadly, this is not the case with some of PSA’s most influential proponents.  Outside of seminarians, few people in the English-speaking world have studied the Greek language.  Aware of this, elites like R.C. Sproul knowingly exegete false theology from the New Testament, insisting that the underlying Greek supports their exegesis.  In today’s show, you will hear Sproul repeatedly assert that the Greek grammar of Ephesians 2:8-9 requires one to believe “A,” trading on the knowledge that none of his supporters will check the reference.  But when one actually quotes the Greek, one finds that the text requires one to believe “non-A.”  Thus, R.C. Sproul, one of the most powerful voices for PSA, has been impeached as a witness and his credibility destroyed.

We continue our process of systematic doubt with step 3--exposing the Atonement School’s hypocrisy by holding it to a consistent standard.  If the seventeen claims of PSA are true, then then those claims should be true regardless of what person professes them.  For example, claim #14 goes: “On the cross, Christ becomes a literal curse and the embodiment of sin.”  Hank Hanegraaff, a self-appointed arbiter of theological purity, allows his friend and mentor R.C. Sproul to profess claim #14 with impunity.  But when disreputable televangelist Benny Hinn professes precisely the same theology, Hanegraaff subjects Hinn to withering ridicule.

Sadly, one discovers that the Atonement School is less interested in systematic theology than it is in protecting its celebrity exponents.  The claims of PSA are acceptable when coming from “reputable” sources like R.C. Sproul and James MacDonald.  But the same claims are unacceptable when coming from “disreputable” sources like Benny Hinn and Neil T. Anderson.

Any system perpetuating itself by dishonesty and hypocrisy should be discarded.  PSA is a system perpetuating itself by dishonesty and hypocrisy.  Therefore, PSA should be discarded. 

Run time: 26:13; Posted: 08/12/14