The Atonement Part 51—Atonement School Tactics

This lecture exposes five tactics that the Atonement School uses to propagate penal-substitutionary atonement (PSA) while simultaneously silencing opposing views.  Those tactics are: 

  1. Projecting their own worldview onto their opponents
  2. Offering as evidence the very thing they’re trying to prove
  3. Claiming apostolic origin for the medieval concept of PSA
  4. Equating rejection of PSA with liberalism, and
  5. Equating rejection of PSA with approval of sin

While exposing these five tactics, we also cover the following specious maneuvers and mistakes in reasoning: 

  • Forestalling disagreement
  • Guilt by association
  • Fallacy of ethnomorphism
  • Fallacy of begging the question
  • Fallacy of tautological question
  • Fallacy of hypostatized proof
  • Fallacy of apriorism 

This lecture contains over nine minutes of audio clips from such personalities as: 

  • Steven J. Lawson (OnePassion Ministries)
  • R.C. Sproul (Ligonier Ministries)
  • John MacArthur (Grace to You Ministries)
  • Gary Chapman (Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc.)
  • Thomas Hopko (Saint Vladimir Theological Seminary)
  • Kenneth R. Samples (Reasons to Believe)
  • John Ankerberg (The John Ankerberg Show)
  • Walter Martin (Christian Research Institute)
  • Michael Youssef (Leading the Way Ministries)
  • William Lane Craig (Talbot School of Theology)
  • Anthony Carter (Southwest Christian Fellowship)
  • Derek Thomas (Reformed Theological Seminary) 

You will even hear from actors John Hillerman, Jack Nicholson, and Raymond Burr! 

Run time: 29:06; Recorded 7/20/14