The Atonement Part 67--Moot Court (n)

This moot court session summarily refutes claims #15 and 16 of Penal-Substitutionary Atonement (PSA).  As were 14 and 15, both of these claims are modern accretions to Anselm’s medieval model of atonement. 

Claim #15 states: “His eyes too holy to look upon sin, God judges Christ, turns his back on Christ, and drives Christ out of the Godhead.”  In fact, this claim is blasphemy; the Trinity is indivisible, a fact that even the Atonement School (inconsistently) affirms.  Moreover, Christ says in John 8:28-29 and 16:32 that God will be with him at the crucifixion.  Most strikingly, the crucified Christ quotes Psalm 22, a text that shows God NOT hiding his face from the suffering servant. 

Claim #16 states: “As the perfect, unblemished offering, Christ fulfils and obviates the entire Old Testament sacrificial system once and for all.”  In reality, Christ fulfils ONLY the sacrifice of the Passover lamb.  The other sacrifices of the Old Testament serve either as anti-Egyptian iconoclasm, punishment of the Aaronic priests, or punishment of the rank and file Israelite.

Run time: 26:50; Posted: 5/23/15